A Joyful Mind explores the path to true happiness and well–being through the practice of meditation. The film includes reflections by renowned meditation teachers, practitioners, and neuroscientists, including the life and teachings of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, one of the most celebrated Tibetan-Buddhist meditation masters today. Through these relevant examples, we learn about the simplicity and practicality of meditation as a powerful tool in discovering the wisdom, peace and joy that is already within us.
Context & Scope
Punctuated by insightful reflections by meditation teachers and practitioners alike, as well as on scientific understandings about meditation, A Joyful Mind engages in the dialogue between modern Western science and ancient meditation practices. By sharing beginning meditation experiences, this film will provide an honest look at what meditation is and is not and why to practice it. As such, it will elucidate the benefits, as well as the pitfalls, of engaging in this practice.

  • Mingyur Rinpoche's practical, fresh and accessible introductory teachings on meditation
  • reflections by renowned teachers from different meditative traditions, such as Joseph Goldstein, Tara Brach, Daniel Goleman, Gina Sharpe, Matthieu Ricard and more
  • personal stories of practitioners on their initial engagement with meditation
  • profiles of leading scientists, such as Drs. Richie Davidson and Antoine Lutz, on the intersection between modern science and meditation practices
  • an examination of the neurological and physical benefits of meditation as documented by the latest scientific research
  • the practical implementation of meditation in institutions, such as schools, the workplace and hospitals
  • experiences of professionals who incorporate meditation into their lives, including those by performance-artist Laurie Anderson

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